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Bills on the Watch List

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Presentation Slides

1) Bills on the Watch List John Johnson Director of Legislative and Governmental Affairs, NASBA

2) Legislative Support Bills on the Legislative Watch List NASBA 108th Annual Meeting October 28, 2015 John W. Johnson, Director Legislative and Governmental Affairs jjohnson@nasba.org (615) 880-4232 (Office) (615) 934-6510 (Mobile)

3) Legislatures that Meet Throughout the Year

4) 2016 Pre-Filing Jurisdictions

5) Carryover Legislation 2-Year Carryover • From odd to even year 2-Year Carryover • From even to odd year 4-Year Carryover NO Carryover

6) 2015-16 Direct Impact Carryover Legislation 2015 Direct Impact Bills Less: Signed Into Law Non-Carryover Jurisdiction Bills New Jersey & Virginia Bills Carryover Jurisdictions Bills Failed Legislation Carried Over to 2016 310 (90) (62) (16) (41) 101

7) Legislature Convene Dates Convene in January Convene in February Convene in March Do NOT Convene in 2016

8) The American Legislative Exchange Council works to advance limited government, free markets and federalism at the state level through a nonpartisan public-private partnership of America’s state legislators, members of the private sector and the general public.


10) A Bill For An Act To Establish A Right To Engage In A Lawful Occupation Free From Substantial Burdens Imposed By Occupational Regulations Unless Certain Conditions Are Met And Providing Remedies. TO STIMULATE JOB CREATION AND ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT WHILE PRESERVING HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS. Right To Engage In Lawful Occupation Revises Provisions Governing Professional Licensing.

11) Threats -Undermine Boards Authority -Add a new layer of review -Threaten “Substantial Equivalency” -Undermine Peer Review & CPE




15) Threats -Submitted Actions – Not Defined -Oversight Cost -No Board Authority to Appeal






21) Other Potential Bills on the Legislative Watch List ALEC’s Right to Work Legislative Policy and Fallout from the NC Dental Board Decision -• Board Funding • Board Consolidation • Board Fund Sweeps

22) As of January 1, 2015 20 jurisdictions with new definition of attest


24) As of October 15, 2015 10 of 13 states in ORANGE that now have a GREEN circle indicate that legislation has been signed into law


26) Individual Mobility Legislation Filed Pending 52 Jurisdictions with Individual Mobility



29) Executive Director Survey Legislative Watch List • • • • Change Work Experience Requirement Provide Immunity for PROC Members Licensure for Paid Tax Preparers Change Course Requirements to sit for CPA Exam

30) “What the legislature ‘giveth’ in one year can be taken away – or altered-eth – the next year”