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Presentation Slides

1) Aon Benfield ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 Release Notes Risk. Reinsurance. Human Resources.

2) Aon Benfield ImpactOnDemand® is a highly innovative and versatile platform that allows clients to visualize and quantify their exposures to risk, in addition to performing sophisticated, detailed data analysis to drive insightful business decisions. ImpactOnDemand assists clients in global individual risk mapping, prebinding underwriting analysis, risk driver analysis, claims planning and preparedness, post-catastrophe analysis, identifying exposure accumulations around terrorist targets, and a host of other functions. New Feature Enhancements in version 3.1 ~ Easy to use, single line geocoding NEW – Easy to use, single line geocoding with auto fill. Located conveniently on the base map, a user can quickly enter an address and add a pushpin to the map. In addition, the pushpin now contains a popup bubble with address information. Visual Layers – (non spatial layers) We have added a new main menu called Layers with the following US choices:  Flood (FEMA)  Flood Warnings  Flash Flood Warnings  Severe Storm Warnings  Radar Layer  Cloud Layer The user can choose (check) a layer and it ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 2

3) Aon Benfield will appear as the first time in the Map Browser (the bottom layer or known as the bottom of the zorder). Once a user chooses a layer, it will show up as the first layer in the Map Browser (left panel). Show NOAA Storm Prediction Center by date NEW – Users will have ability to draw all events from NOAA Storm Prediction center on the base map as one layer. This also includes the popup bubble information. ~ Location Intelligence - Distance to Coast and EQ Fault Lines NEW – Location Intelligence now includes distance to coast line (US east coast) and Distance to earthquake fault lines (US California EQ Fault lines)  Distance to Coast  Distance to Fault Line After pushpin appears on the map on mouse hover it will show tooltip with information (as when hovered over in Map Browser) ~ Deterministic Ring Report NEW - Client interest in determining the impact of loss on their portfolio of business requires the estimate of damage to a location should an unfortunate catastrophic event - either terrorism, natural, or accidental, occur. This report is based on either the property or target centroid studies. It requires damage patterns of certain types of attacks or events. Upon definition of target ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 3

4) Aon Benfield potential, type of attack, and radius of damage, the radius is subdivided into damage categories based on a radial distance from the target. ~ ImpactOnDemand Mobile NEW – a fully touch enabled ImpactOnDemand Mapping Website https://impactondemand.aonbenfield.com/ mobile/ ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 4

5) Aon Benfield ImpactOnDemand 3.1 has addressed and fixed the following known bugs: 1. USGS Elevation URL not resolving 2. Downloading PDF’s fails 3. Initial error with EuroTempest report 4. Error submitting EuroTempest report 5. Error doing elevation using USGS server 6. Error processing NOAA Report 7. Dataset error occurs for test user 8. GUI: Preferences window Portfolio values are not ordered alphabetically 9. GUI: Preferences window search by one letter doesn't work 10. GUI: Preference window: Re-selecting Company in Data Options preferences does not affect Portfolio and Value selected previously 11. GUI: Preferences: There is no close form confirmation 12. Modules on dashboard are not displayed in persistent order 13. Fix Quick Exposure Export Data 14. Preferences. Profile set to view that is disabled causes error 15. Geocode Search: Internal error occurs when search non-existing address by Google geocoder 16. Shape Manager: Error occurs when expand Aon Benfield Tree 17. Circle. Polygon. Shape Option window should have default values when create new circle 18. Circle. Polygon. Options. Opacity has range of 0-255 instead of 0-100 19. Polyline. Polygon. There is not tooltips when move mouse to the Polyline/Polygon button 20. Polygon. Uninformative message for invalid polygon 21. Quick Exposure Report. 401 server error appears when open Quick Exposure report or Export data 22. Quick Exposure form. On Advanced Options tab labels overlay warning icons 23. Quick Exposure. Tile error occurs when zoom in/out with quick exposure data on the map 24. Point Thematic List. It's possible to add fake item from the already selected rows ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 5

6) Aon Benfield 25. Point Thematic Range. Error is shown instead of warning message when click on Submit button without any range 26. Point Thematic Range. Start value of first Range is 0.00 by default instead of 0.01 27. Point Thematic Range. Name field is not parsed. It's possible to add html code to the Name field 28. Histogram. Histogram doesn't show any data 29. Risk Analysis Report. Address Value is not sorted alphabetically. 30. Filter manager. Filters are not ordered alphabetically 31. Point Thematic Range. Warning message appears when click Clear All even if there are no any records in the grid 32. Mapping page doesn't load in IE 10 33. Risk Analysis Report Form. Range and Count Fields have mistakes in the hints. 34. Filter Builder. In the spin box numbers change incorrectly 35. Shape Library. Description is not set by default when save shapes to library 36. Filter Builder. There is no confirmation message, when conditions will be lost after changing Company or Portfolio 37. Filter Builder. There is no confirmation message, when close window by clicking X button or press Esc 38. Export reports and filters doesn't work 39. NOAA Proximity Report Form. Unknown Error is shown for particular input values 40. NOAA Proximity Report Form. Wrong message is shown when submit report without any peril set 41. NOAA Proximity Report Form. It's impossible to set range date other than 4 days 42. NOAA Proximity Report Form. New points are drawn even if creating new report was canceled 43. Terror Options Form. Selected categories are cleared up when add new Country 44. Terror Form. Sorting different column by Ascending/Descending is not available 45. Reverse Geocode item is odd in the Binoculars menu of Quick Launch toolbar 46. Filter Manager. It's impossible to save filter to the root folder when create filter from filter manager 47. Terror Ring Report. There is no icon for the Ring Terror Report in the Map Browser 48. Underwriting Report. Wrapper error is shown when try to create report ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 6

7) Aon Benfield 49. Circle. Polyline. Polygon. Options. In the Width/Opacity spin controls wrong values are shown when click up/down arrows 50. Reverse Geocode. There is odd close button on the tooltip 51. Visual Layers. Layer should be added as first in the map browser 52. Visible checkbox from the context menu doesn't work for some items 53. NOAA Daily Report Form. UI elements have different style and order 54. Business Intelligence. Connection error is shown when try to open Cube 55. Client/Dataset Visible. Doesn't work in desktop Impact manager -> User management 56. Connection Error occurs when open IM - Document Management in IM client 57. Jobs are not executed when try to edit datasets 58. Distance to Line doesn't work from Map Browser 59. There is no "Zoom in to view" message 60. Auto populate doesn't work as expected 61. Layers. "Zoom in to view" message is not shown if tick layer on already zoomed in map 62. NOAA Daily Data. Pins of NOAA data on the map should have different colors for different events 63. Filter Builder. When drag and drop first condition in the group, logical operand is lost, what causes mistakes 64. Filter Builder. Changed Description isn't saved to the Filter 65. Error when login to Impact Manager client 66. Document Library module. Unexpected error occurred when Download Report 67. MOD module. Configuration error when open Modeling on Demand module 68. Usage Report module. Error authentication. 69. Layers. Layers menu doesn't work correctly in Mozilla, IE 70. Impact Manager. Error occurs when assign clients to datasets 71. In Cat Score and Euro Tempest Reports dataset combo box is not populated with values 72. NOAA Daily Data. Report is created even if there is no data 73. Filter Builder. Impossible to expand/collapse group items 74. Filter Manager. Not user-friendly message appears when try to create folder with existing name ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 7

8) Aon Benfield 75. Filter Manager. Error message appears when try to save filter to the already deleted folder 76. Layer view. "Zoom in to view..." message shouldn't be shown if layer visible checkbox is unchecked 77. Point Thematic List. Min and Max Zoom Layer Options doesn't work 78. Circle. Polyline. Polygon. Figure remains drawn on the map when cancel drawing it 79. IE 10. Dropdown windows don't have appropriate size and icons of items 80. Filter Builder. Count and Cumulative Count values are not recalculated when clear [enter a value] field or clear filter 81. Filter Builder. Operator and Count Labels overlap when drag and drop condition. 82. [ExtJS] Filter Builder. Useless line is drawn 83. Standard analysis. Points on the map are not drawn according to Advanced options 84. Point Thematic Range. Points on the map are not drawn according to Advanced options 85. Quick Exposure. Warning message about invalid values on some tab should appears when user switches to other tab 86. Quick Exposure. Filter values are not sorted alphabetically 87. Polyline. In map Browser Polyline has Polygon icon when draw polyline from the Shape library 88. Quick Exposure Form. Column Combo box Error is shown when change Portfolio for that one which doesn't have as much Values as previous one 89. On Layer tab of any form invalid Min zoom field is not marked red when enter value to Max zoom field 90. County lookup fails in some cases from Bing 91. Shape Thematic Analysis Form - Country select error 92. Allow any symbols in Name, Description of Shape Buffer ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 8

9) Aon Benfield Contact Information Douglas Olson Americas +1.952.886.8038 Douglas.olson@aonbenfield.com About Aon Benfield As the industry leader in treaty, facultative and capital markets, Aon Benfield is redefining the role of the reinsurance intermediary and capital advisor. Through our unmatched talent and industry-leading proprietary tools and products, we help our clients to redefine themselves and their success. Aon Benfield offers unbiased capital advice and customized access to more reinsurance and capital markets than anyone else. As a trusted advocate, we provide local reach to the world’s markets, an unparalleled investment in innovative analytics, including catastrophe management, actuarial, and rating agency advisory, and the right professionals to advise clients in making the optimal capital choice for their business. With an international network of more than 4,000 professionals in 50 countries, our worldwide client base is able to access the broadest portfolio of integrated capital solutions and services. Learn more at aonbenfield.com. Copyright 2015 Aon Inc. Placeholder for copyright ImpactOnDemand® 3.1 9